Friday, December 21, 2018

Michelle’s Miniatures: “The Mulberry” Art Deco Dollhouse. Art Deco and Craftsman Style, 1:48 Scale. Part 5

I’ve always loved the Art Deco Asian style, so decided the 3rd and last floor of my Mulberry would be a “secret” Speakeasy with an Asian flair. I bet some folks had a Speakeasy in their home, way back then, you know, that Prohibition time!

The Speakeasy, Floor 3



I found a lovey card at the Hallmark store that helped give me inspiration for my Asian theme and purchased the last two that they had. Turns out I needed every tiny square inch of them!

For the floor I took a fabric scrap I got from a discontinued fabric sample book, glued it to some card stock, tucked in all the raw edges, and glued it to the floor.


Wainscoting & Walls

Every fancy pantsy space has to have wainscoting right? I used copper paint and a bronze Sharpie on some Greek key trim I had purchased way back when to act as wainscoting for the room and installed it along with some basic square trim I painted glossy black. I lucked out that the two trims together just cleared the bottom of the windows!

The walls were a bit more temperamental, as usual, since the windows are built in. I had to create another template to cut the scrapbooking cardstock around the windows, but it was worth it.


Safety first for Dolly!

Since I had modified the stairs and their “access”, I built a wall divider that hides the tiny landing and keeps the dollies from falling in ...

... and with some some of the paper mesh left from the card I trimmed out the ceiling, leaving a small hole for the wiring of the light.


Finally, the rooms are all done!!

With the upper walls papered with a shiny, mercury glass type scrapbook paper I could finally put the whole 3rd floor together. I must say I 'm very happy with the the result!


  1. No conocía tu trabajo y he disfrutado mucho admirándolo.
    Un abrazo