Monday, February 3, 2014

Retrofit the Kit Tudor Dollhouse: Part 12 FINISHED! My Barton Tudor Dollhouse - Real Good Toys Country Tudor CC15

Ta Da!!! My kit bash is done!

Yes, finally, after four months of many and mostly "a first time for everything"s, I'm finished! The last day was somewhat bittersweet; that high that you get when you're done with a long and arduous project and that sad funk that you get when you're done with a long and arduous project! My little Tudor dollhouse...

What my goals were:
  • To protect and display my vintage 3/4 scale English Barton Tudor dollhouse furniture that I was so fortunate and privileged to get.
  • To create a sturdy, small profile, front opening dollhouse, that can be on the floor.
  • To keep the display/dollhouse within the 1:15 and 1:12 scales, for possible resale value.
  • To explore the “Tudor” style.
  • To incorporate two Concord wall dividers in creating a bay window effect.
  • To incorporate the cute medieval fabric scrap I purchased many months ago.
  • To have fun, practice patience and learn!!
I think I was relatively successful!

The Outside...

  Not much trimming on the sides, but I didn't want to go overboard. 

The outside detail of the bay that was so time and mentally consuming.

The Door Wall...

Open sesame! Gee, wouldn't it be convenient if my own house could open this way!

The Living Room...

Had to have one of those cool, battery powered chandeliers!

The Bedroom...

 I think the landing and stairs came out well!

The Attic...


A peak through the skylight.

What I would have done different:
  • I would have found a different method of insuring the chimneys evenly lined up when installing them. I’m about an 1/8 inch off, horizontally. That’s a lot in dollhouse land!
  • I would have figured out how many shingles I needed, BEFORE I stained them, especially since I made deviations to the kit’s instructions (luckily, I did have enough, once I counted after dying). You want to insure the same dye lot when dying shingles, so make sure you have enough, FIRST!


And now to furnish it...

Here's all the furniture and such, waiting to go in.

The Living Room...


English Tudor Barton trestle table, bench and chairs, the hutch and the corner cabinet. Boy! Am I lucky to have all these fabulous 3/4 scale pieces! Have a seat on the Petite Princess fireside chairs.

The Bedroom...


A Barton Tudor bed, trunk, and highboy. And by the fire, a Napoleon and Josephine Limoges table set for tea drinking.

The Attic...


 I always wanted an art studio like this!!  Barton sideboard, trestle table and chairs (yes, I have two sets!). The lovely easel was made by an artist in England. How fitting!





The Whole Kitten Kaboodle...


Well, there you have it. All that time and energy and it's just a wee, three story dolls house! Why did it seem bigger all the time I was making it???? My Barton Tudor furniture display is done. Maybe I went a little overboard?!


Thanks for the "bones" Real Good Toys!


  1. Well, Little Loosie, what can I say? It's FABULOUS!!!

    I think the tremendous attention to detail and huge amount of effort you have put into this house shine through and were well worth it. Barton Tudor House bears little resemblance to the original kit and my is it better for it. I really hope you will post photos on the DHP&P website so I can comment on each one individually, there are just so many lovely features and items in this house they need individual mention. Well done, LL and I'm sure the "sad funk" will dissipate quickly as you plan your next project! xx

    1. Awe thanks! I'm pretty surprised myself how it turned out. It sure was nice to have your encouragement, Keystone Crazy, throughout the whole process. Thank you very much -S

    2. Lovely! I like the addition of legs on the house, too. You did a great job on the woodwork, achieving the heavy look of Tudor architectural wood. That wallpaper is fantastic, and your bay window is beautiful. The base house is nice. Think I'm going to have look that kit up for myself :)

  2. What a fantastic house you've built! I am very impressed with your vision of Tudor style and imagination. Mini hugs, Natalia

  3. What a lovely job you did....and you expressed my feeling so well about the high and then the sad funk one gets when they complete a project. I too love the Barton Tudor furniture....hopefully your wonderful house will inspire me to finish mine! cheers!

  4. Wonderful! Fantastic finishes on the house - the bay window is such an inspiration! And so many wonderful details in the furnishings and accessories. I love how you've combined such different kinds of furniture, and they look fantastic together!

  5. What a lovely Tudor house. I found your blog when googling about a Barton Tudor Sideboard I found in a job lot of vintage dolls house furniture I purchased. Hadn't heard of this range before but think I will have to look for some more pieces now.