Monday, October 6, 2014

The Carl Larsson Experiment: Part 1 Arrested Beginnings - Real Good Toys 22 Town Hill Road CC2 Front Opening Kit

(I do apologize for the great expanse of time since my last post. Shortly after the post, my wonderful aunt passed away, so my family and I have been consumed with getting her affairs in order for the last few months. A true labor of love however and I miss her dearly -S)



Collection Dreams, Way Way Back in February, the first one...


I realized after I finished bashing my Real Good Toys Country Tudor kit (CC15) or as I fondly call it, my Barton Tudor, I was intrigued by the Real Good Toys' compact, front opening dollhouses, known as the Children's Choice (CC). 
My kit bashed Barton Tudor

As far as I can tell, there are four in the Children's Choice collection: the CC10, "1 Country Lane"; the CC15, "the Country Tudor"; the CC2, "22 Town Hill Road"; and the CC3, "333 Franklin Street".

If I was to purchase one more of the collection I decided I really wanted the little CC2, 22 Town Hill Road.

It's roof slopes to the front, and reminds me of a little Dutch house and I was keen to decorate in a Carl Larsson fashion. Locating one however was no small feat as none of the companies that advertised them, had none. As I tried to order one after another, the companies would remove it from their sites, and leave my order in an unfilled state. Apparently this little home was discontinued by Real Good Toys as I can't even find it referenced on their site. 

What a shame!!

Lucky for me, at the time, eBay had one, and I won it, of course for more than I wanted to pay. But as far as I know it might be the only CC2 22 Town Hill Road kit left in existence!

Soon after the kit arrived I got word my auntie passed and it was shelved for six months. 



 Everything On Hold...

During that six months, one way or another, I worked on my auntie's real little home in Colorado, a three bedroom, one bath, brick ranch, built in 1958. It was an honor and a joy to work on. Imagine my excitement as we removed the 50 year old turquoise carpet...

No wonder I love blue, ever ever since I was a little girl.
Its small, mid-century dining room. Original Brasillia furniture.

to reveal pristine oak floors. 


but I regress....


Summer Fling Ends


When I returned to Michigan I was in a bit of a shock and could barely manage to go to work. I was alone in this big house, my car didn't work and I missed my little Colorado home and my husband and dogs who had to stay on to see the little home's work through. So I reluctantly got the CC2 kit out, figuring I could at least start the floors, and maybe it would help eat up the lonely hours without my sweetie. I finally got back in the groove, a bit. And to this day, it's still a bit, so please forgive me as I attempt to continue to work on this project. Even with my husband and my pups home, I just can't seem to get in the groove of anything I did before.



Starting From the Bottom


Since this little Larsson home experiment is indeed part of the RGT collection, I've decided to continue the floor theme I had figured out with my RGT Tudor. I've expanded it a bit by using two different thicknesses of tape to create, I guess you would call it, a tartan look.

To see more detailed directions on how to create this floor please go to

Here is the finished bottom floor with the porcelain and brass dollhouse furniture I plan to use to suggest a Carl Larsson living room...

...and here are the three floors finished and ready to install.

Well, I hope I will continue in a somewhat timely fashion! It's good to be creatively focused again, it helps ward off feelings of uncertainty and the want for otherwhereness. Soon my grandson will come and that might change everything, once again!!





  1. YEA! another fascinating creation from Little Loosie to watch progress on.
    And yes, grandsons delightfully change your world!

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm Florine, on both fronts!!

  2. So wonderful for us to see you continuing your fine work with home construction and decorating both large and small. We were amazed at the transformation of Aunt Elsa's house. Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon.
    Mom and Dad

  3. Great to see you back in action, Little Loosie! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, what a fine home your aunt had, and it's great that you have such fond memories of her.

    I love floor you've created, the extra, darker lines are a great addition and give the pattern real depth. As ever, I can't wait to see how this house pans out and since I'm catching up here, I can at least see the next three steps straight away!

  4. So great to hear from you Keystone Crazy! I have to look you up!