Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Carl Larsson Experiment: Part 9, Finally! Voila! - Real Good Toys 22 Town Hill Road CC2 Front Opening Kit

 Well, after a few family challenges and a week in Denver, I finally finished. How happy am I! This little place will house some of my porcelain collection, as you will see.

6 months to complete after a 6 months in storage! A lot of interruptions but we just persevered!

Open open open... open open
Love that hinged roof. Glad I decided to do it!

Doorwall detail
The Parlor....

The Kitchen...

The Bedrooom...

Bedroom stair railing detail.


Now the best part, and always sooo longgg in coming! Furnishings!
It was difficult finding all the porcelain in the same 3/4 scale, or at least close to it. And of course I used brass colored pieces to round it out a bit.

Furnished Parlor...

I hope to get some more artwork for the sides of the ceramic stove but some things just take patience (and money!). I think my kakelugn came out pretty well!
The porcelain sofa and chairs look so comfy. Woulda thought??

I love the round picture, so you get a better view of it.
Yes, the side table is a door knob. Pretty clever huh? I didn't do it but I'm glad I bought it!

Furnished Kitchen...

 Must have a place to relax and have a good read while tending to dinner!

Remember, the staircase does come out for easy play!

Furnished Bedroom...

I was so lucky to find the little porcelain sleigh bed and wash stand.

The little wood stove is a salt shaker. I think the salt is still in it!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my tour of the little Larrson experiment! I know it doesn't exactly copy the Larssons' house in any way, but I think it has a bit of that character. And now it gets to sit next to it's sister, my Barton Tudor!

BTW, I purchased the next in the RGT Children's Choice opening front dollhouse kit collection, the 333 Franklin Street brownstone. Let's see, I have to paint my front room, that'll be three months, have to go to Denver again, another month, and... Geez! I should be done with that one too in another year!!

Cheers Everyone!


  1. Very nice! My favorite two pieces are the round picture and the doorknob table!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Fox! It was a long labour of love!

  3. Hey Little Loosie! I'm not surprised you're happy - this is beautiful and suits your collection of ceramic furniture to PERFECTION. The exterior is wonderfully smart and the interior well... attention to detail and style abound - just as we've come to expect from you. The little drapes you've added look really pretty too. Carl Larsson? - I think you done the boy proud! Well done!!! xxx

  4. Oh wow - this looks amazing! You're so lucky to get to work on the RGT 22 Town Hill Road kit! Bravo, bravo!! :D
    (so looking forward to your next project!)