Monday, April 15, 2013

Dream Home: My Keystone Put Away

Happy Birthday To Me (and dolly)

My wonderful hubby got me this dollhouse for my 53rd. Ahhhh! Isn't he understanding! It's a 3/4 scale home that's missing it's front door but that just makes it easier for dolly to get in and out anyways. Circa 1949.


 The quality of this home is amazing! The kitchen wing "folds" in to the dining room for storage or "Put Away", as it's name suggests.
It is even has a built on Lazy Susan to enjoy it inside and out.

 During its clean up and minor repairs, I removed a side for access and realignment....
Dig those beefy floors! And the trim for a slide in hip roof.  Just slide that roof out for those days you want to sunbathe right in your own home!

Here's the bathroom's nubbin floor. They fit those spaces in the floor for stability....
Man! They thought of everything in the 40's! A modern bathroom, it has a built in shower. Pass the soap Dear!
 Before the move-in, the clean and empty dining room....

the living room....
 and awesome stairs....
Now that's construction!

So Lady and Lord Dolly purchased this fine example of the American Dream and set to furnish it for their move to the USA. Now if we can just get them out of their Lord and Lady outfits and into something a little more Mad Mannish!

Here's their terrace porch, complete with an outdoor set all the way from Japan....

The bath. No more overhead tank toilet....

The kitchen with built in cabinets. So modern....

and the formal dining room....
Notice Lord Dolly stays close to the kitchen, yum yum in his tum tum.

The living room was made a bit Strombecker mod....
with paper curtains that suit Lord and Lady Dolly just fine.

Here's their kids' room, changing table and all....
Lord and Lady Dolly can afford matching furniture with their courtly stipend. Spoiled dollies!

The Master, with paper roman shades and matching comforter....

...and Lady Dolly's vanity. Ritzy!

Thanks for the tour Lady Dolly! Nice digs!!!
Oh dolly! Your so vain!!! Your do is just fine!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Tale Of Two Tekwoods (Circa 1945, 1946)

From different towns whence they came
To be so different, but the same.
Back from time to be discovered
As two reunited Sears Roebuck brothers.

Each ravaged with age, play and storage.
One's walls askew
The other's, just horrid.

With clamps and paint
glue and ambition....

The wee homes' new lives come to fruition!