Thursday, January 9, 2014

Retrofit the Kit Tudor Dollhouse: Part 8 Details, Details - Real Good Toys Country Tudor CC15

Finalizing those detail concepts that have been in my head:

Window and Door Glass...


INSTRUCTION DEVIATION: The kit has plain "glass" and mullions to suggest divided lights. Of course the 2nd floor windows were completely blown out to accommodate the bay window.
  • Left pict: Checking size and placement of a diamond pattern printed from the www.
  • Middle pict: Plastic window anchored to pattern and metal tape applied over pattern lines.
  • Right pict: Completed windows. Trims anchor the windows in their openings.


 ... and Finish the Door...

INSTRUCTION DEVIATION: Replaced the kit door with a Houseworks Dutch door (the kit door was used earlier to create the stair landing).

  • Left pict: Purchased crossbuck Dutch door, Houseworks.
  • Middle pict: Crossbuck and mullions removed, hinge side swapped and door stained.
  • Right pict: Bottom Dutch fitted out with trim to cover crossbuck area.


  Working On the Door Wall...

A piece of trim is placed under the Door Wall for needed clearance. The Door Wall will be on side hinges.
So now it's just putting into practice, once again, methods developed, to finish that fourth wall, the Door Wall. Inside and out.

I try to keep steps in order for this massive Door Wall of three floors and an outside:
  1. Install 1st fl. crown with Door Wall taped on (left upper pict).
  2. Mark final base molding and 2nd fl. crown lines (middle upper pict).
  3. Untape Door Wall. Gather courage.
  4. Glue and set in the bay (see picture at bottom of list).
  5. Paper the inside walls based on marked lines and the wainscotting height.
  6. Paper the outside where needed (the door and window trims should cover the raw edges when installed) with brick wallpaper using Yes glue (right upper pict).
  7. Set and glue the door (it's trim will cover the wallpapers on both sides).
  8. Install the wainscotting and trim of all floors on the inside wall door, overlapping the wallpapers and such.
  9. Poly the entire inside.
Gluing in the bay window before trimming the inside.

Ta Da!! The finished inside of the Door Wall!


Stairs: Finishing the Banister... 


INSTRUCTION DEVIATION: Replaced the kit's banister with a Houseworks banister set.

  • Left pict: Measuring, creating a template, gluing and clamping.
  • Right pict: Polying before installation (and a couple of extra items).
  • Bottom pict: Banister installed on the outside of the stairwell with glue.


Installing the Back (yay!)...

The back is glued and carefully nailed into the sides and floor. Finally!!

OK, good enough for now!


  1. I take my hat off to you Little Loosie - this is amazing! The door wall is a masterpiece you should be very proud! I take inspiration from your creativity and also your methodical approach. Well done!

    1. Awww, thanks! It's getting close!! I will be posting another Part soon, I've dyed the shingles and completed the chimney decoration! I can almost see it!