Thursday, December 19, 2013

Retrofit the Kit Tudor Dollhouse: Part 7 Stairway To Heaven (NOT, Just the Art Studio) - Real Good Toys Country Tudor CC15

Oye!!!!!! Once I finally made the "jump" to attach the stairs, it went pretty fast! With Thanksgiving and getting my wisdom teeth pulled, it just got put off. Dolly's gonna be living in an igloo at this rate!


Gettin' Ready


Figured I'd better set the back up to get just the right position for the stairs:


Earlier I centered and applied the wallpaper on the 2nd floor back. After taping the back securely on, I glued the stairs to the back, not the landing or ceiling. I still want to be able to take the back off for when I work on the inside front. Having thru and thru access has proved to be a smart idea.




Pulling the back off, I'm able to apply the paneling and chair rail to the back wall:

Left pic: Why even clamping is so important!!!!                   Right pic: Morticia Adams lent me Thing for hand "clamping".


Since I don't have an unobstructed back wall anymore (the stairs), I get a glass of wine and set to "clamping" each paneling piece by hand, until they they are firmly set, about 15 minutes each. OK, so I had more than one glass of wine!!! I then fitted and cut the chair rail and glued it on.




Attic Art Studio



Well, I've been bad girl. I went to the local home improvement store and sampled some of the laminate flooring samples, about four matching ones of each kind that I was interested in "installing in my home". And the attic's side walls of this Tudor seem perfect for the sandwashed look of "Alpine Elm". Luckily I could get two sections out of each sample! They're easy to cut with a utility knife and straight edge, though you have to score them a few times.


I had enough chair rail left to use on the raw top edges of the attic's side walls. I glued and clamped them in first, then glued and clamped my "flooring" panels on, snugging them up into the chair rail bottom.


Well, it can't be helped, I had to test the furniture pieces for the Attic Art Studio!!

Now I'm really glad I dropped the floor about an 1 1/2 ". This is fast becoming my favorite floor in the house (I say that about each of the floors I'm sure!).


Oh gosh! I can hardly wait, once again, to be done!!!


  1. Hey Little Loosie, I'm SO impressed with your progress and wow that attic room is looking good!!! How do you manage to be so methodical, I just can't manage it even without the wine ;-)

    Glad you have company while you work (Thing - 'The Adams Family' was one of my favourite TV programmes as a child!) and can't wait to see the rest of this house come together, it's going to be one of your best and that's a high bar! xx

    1. Oh yes, Keystone Crazy! Morticia Adams is my ideal of a loving wife, mother and philanthropist, ever since I was a girl. The Addams Family was and is one of my favorite TV shows. "Tish, that French!!!". And thanks for the continuing encouragement!!