Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retrofit the Kit Tudor Dollhouse: Part 10 Roof Roof! - Real Good Toys Country Tudor CC15

Gettin' close now. Every part of this project I've had nervous tummy but for some reason this is up at the top of tum tum list. A lot is goin on, the skylight cutout, the Greek art transfer, the shingling, the chimneys' location and installation! Enough beer... gee, I have a lot to think about!

Prepping the Attic ceiling.....

 I painted the two sides of the Attic ceiling the Attic wall color and the roofs a wash with brown. I figured if there was any spaces between the shingles, I wanted it to be dark.

Here I'm preparing the vintage Greek art transfer for the Attic ceiling. I've marked out my corners on the dry, painted ceiling and I'm readying the transfer for its 10 second bath to activate the adhesive. The insurance card is to squeegie the excess water and bubbles out once the transfer is set. Its very delicate. Once it dried I touched it up with a gold pen and gave it a couple of coats of polyurethane.


Finally, the Roof!

Prepping the roof...

I followed the spacing given in the directions and laid out the lines for the shingle placement. 

INSTRUCTION DEVIATION: Instead of putting the roof on the house, and then shingling the roof, I've opted to shingle the roof on my work surface, for more accuracy and control.

Clamping a straightedge to my guide lines has made for a even, easy placement of the shingles. I used my regular Aileen's glue to attach the shingles, I didn't feel confident with a glue gun. On the far left you can see I've left a shingle out so I can still nail the roof section to the house sides. The shingle that is place horizontally isn't glued in, it just hold the shingle up for proper alignment.

After a few more rows of shingles, I glue in the skylight (a House Works 8 divided light). A couple of pieces of house trim is used with clamps to firmly set it in place. The chimney is glued in and I carefully cut shingles to glue around it.

I give each row of shingles about a 1/2 hour to dry. Slow going but I can get dinner done or do a load of laundry. Multitasking is the dollhouse way!!



OK, so I know the title said "Roof Roof". But for some reason I thought the dollhouse would be more functional and cute with some feets.

I found an awesome set on eBay for about $9, including shipping. Swankie! They came extra quick.
An easy stain and ploy mini project.

Well, next time the roof will go on!


  1. I am so excited to see this house finished! Having followed progress step-by-step, I feel intimately acquainted with it and I just know it's going to be FABULOUS! The feet are a neat idea for extra character. Keep up the good work, Littke Loosie - you'll soon be finished and then you get to put all your Barton Tudor and other stuff in. Like I said, I can't wait!

    1. You are always so encouraging Keystone Crazy! And uniquely, wonderfully, descriptive. Thank you!!!