Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lovely Vero East German Puppenhaus Chalet

Found in Michigan, of all places!

After a lot of researching, it appears my latest find is a 1970's VERO Olbernhau puppenhaus (dollhouse). Vero was an East German government owned company that absorbed, took over or dissolved individual toy makers in the 60's and 70's, among those were makers Gottschalk and Albin Schönherr. These wee homes were marketed and sold all over the world to take advantage of the better currency rates of other countries. Anyway, it's a 3/4 (1:15) scale gem!

Driveway and Garage...
 This poor thing has the worst glue holding it together, as you can see the way the balcony sags a bit. The garage door swings open to park one's car or.... keep one's pony in! (Take that Dad who never let me have a pony in our garage! xoxox)
The back of the house...
 I really like the open sides on this home. Usually, I prefer the homes that have big access doors, to keep the dust out. But this is just so welcoming!
The living room side...
 The living room will have to be a combo with the kitchen. Even though the home appears large, it really has limited space. The little clear plastic wall is removable.

Decked out a bit...

Even though I have to take it apart for cleaning and repairs I just have to try some furniture!!

Living Room...
Strombecker couch and chairs, Lisa of Denmark fireplace and Barton sink and audio stand.
Barton Tudor cabinet and chairs, Strombecker bed and vanity.

 Manly Balcony...
Strombecker chairs.

Well, down to the workshop for repairs!!


  1. I love it. Beautiful design and color.

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