Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lost In the Woods: Tulip Cottage

A handmade, primitive, 1/2 scale plywood dollhouse. Love needed!

Sometimes something comes along and asks to belong to you. No one else wants it, but to you it's so cute, in that bowlegged way. Like that ugly puppy, you take it in. So is the beginning of my adventure with my little "Tulip Cottage".

A bit wonky that's for sure. Crooked and plain with messy glue residue. But open it up and more potential, slivers and all...

The side window flourishes are so nutty...
 but so appropriate for this odd little find!

Renovations Begin!

It had some wasted space in the attic so I removed the roof (well, Dan did) and blew out the ceiling of the left bedroom.  Now that's better! I begin to paint the outside.

 Sometimes ideas just don't work out. Staining the floors didn't make me happy! Painting all the insides made it so bright. Much better I think...


Here I've I turned scrap booking paper over (as it has glitter as part of it's pattern, yuk, right Devin?) and x-actoed parts away to expose the cute trimmings. I then glued it down with Yes glue. This application ended up looking a bit like lace, which wasn't what I was going for, but I decided that was OK. Besides, it was too late by then!

The interior windows get trimmed out....

and the rest get "base boards and "ceiling beams". The beams aren't glued in, just held by tension in case I ever change my mind!

Interior Decorating!!! Finally!!!

Now the real fun begins. Decorating instead of just renovating!

The Kids' Room

Bunny wallpaper I created with the help of my awesome MacBook Pro...
The kids' room furnished...
I'm not sure, could it be Dora Kuhn furniture???? It's 1/2 scale. Hmmmm.

The Master

The master, scrap booking paper wallpaper...


The Bathroom

In the attic??? Well we have to have one!!

The Kitchen

I made the kitchen appliance set using a little porcelain sink and cupboard (I was lucky to get these, 1/2 scale to boot), some cardboard and scrap booking embelishments...

The finished Kitchen. More computer generated wallpaper...
More Dora Kuhn furniture????

  The Living Room

More digital wall paper. Pages by Apple is awesome!
Not sure the make of the fireplace. Pretty sure it's German.
Strombecker couch, chair and ottoman. Tootsie Toy lamp and side table. The cuckoo clock is a little brooch.

The whole kitten kaboodle inside...

The Exterior Is Finished!!!

(finally!! And the whole thing gets two coats of polyurethane!)

 I thought bead flowers would be the best look for this dollhouse...
Bead caps and string pull bases make beautiful flowers!!

I originally made seven window boxes, but decided on just the three for the front of the house...
The boxes themselves are made out of popsicle sticks. Cheap!

All the access doors go on and the bunnies are secure under their red red roof!

Whew! That only took a good month and a half of solid fun!! And I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Bunny Bun hopes you enjoyed the adventure! Now that her home is swankied up she figures she better wear clothes, to show how far she's come as a bunny ya know!

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  1. Well, Little Loosie, you've worked your magic again haven't you?!! I thought you had gone quiet but you have been a very busy girl. Tulip cottage is lovely and obviously a labour of love too. You are a whizz with the wallpapers and I love them all but especially the rabbits! You must post the photos to the DHPP website so that I can comment on each one.. there is too much loveliness to comment on in one post! Well done!!!