Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All the Way, From the UK! My Dolly Mixture


It has been determined by Rebecca Green of Dolls Houses Past & Present that this little UK home is most likely a Pennine dolllhouse, made in the 1960's or 70's. The little side railings give it away. Yay!


 A half scale, vintage English dollhouse, with an opening front and working windows.


All the way from the UK

The wee Dolly Mixture came to play

Smelling of must and needing a dust

This Dolly Mixture is almost upper crust!

Romside metal windows, all function with their little latches.

At first I thought it was a vintage GeeBee home (no, not the Bee Gees 70's singing group) but my lovely internet dollhouse friends at have me convinced it is a Dolly Mixture. I understand this term refers to a dolls house that was purchased as a kit or ready made, but not by the famous English makers like Tri-ang, Amersham or GeeBee. Hmmm.



With just a few and far between chips

This groovy roof is so hip

A chimney each side is does so muster

To fight the cold when the wind 'ablusters!

Unfortunately, its attic space is inaccessible.  Oh well!



Open the front, there's really not much

Two rooms oh so plain, and a hidden domain

Nails protrude from the roof, a dangerous goof?

Don't jump on the bed Dolly, you'll open your head!


It had flaking, gray, over scale wallpaper that came off readily with a gentle tug, built in lights with switches that don't work, yet, and giant nails to attach the roof. Ouch! 



Yellow, its said, is good for the bed

And nails that are now covered so you don't hurt your head

A wee little stove to keep out the cold

And on ensuite bath to blow one's nose.


Dol-Toi armoire, English gas stove, Tootsie Toy (1930s) side table and Kiddies Treasure (1953) furniture set.


A difficult little alcove to outfit and shoot. Tootsie Toy (1930s) bath set.


Living Room

Welcome to our humble abode

Sit on the couch, take off a load

Kitchen is what we have for naught

Lots of takeout that's what we got!

Kage fireplace (1940s), Petite Princess (1970s) tea cart, Dol-Toi furniture. Chandelier made by me!


Dolly doesn't have an auto

Lets pretend she's won the lotto

And get a fountain for her grotto

Sit in the shade where it isn't so hotto.



So now its time to say goodbye

Dolly mixture on the state side

Hope too lonely you won't be

You have new friends, Dolly and me!



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