Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rich Toy Mansion, Poor Little Thing Revisioned - All Better Bachelor Abode

The Then....

Recall from memory Poor Little Thing in all its tortured glory- majestic, yet disgusting, yearning for a new life and look... 



The Transition...

After major renovations by the tiny Flip My Dollhouse crew, Poor Little Thing begins its conversion from a condemned property to receiving a dolly Certificate Of Occupancy...

The Now...

Staging is everything, as they say. Poor Little Thing's new owner, Barry StormTrooper, hires Dolly Dollhouse Design (DDD), to transform it to his All Better Bachelor Abode (ABBA, not just a Swedish band anymore!). No expense is spared, well except he has no money for pots and pans now. Oh well, a bachelor's life.

Room By Room - ABBA - A Bachelor's Abode




Barton of England bedroom set, Strombecker lamp, and Dollar Tree coaster bamboo curtain.
 Every dude needs his beauty sleep and our Barry is no exception. This is where chicks see his gentler, zen kinda side (if Barry gets lucky).

Barry's Van Gogh rug and 1930's Tootsie Toy chairs. Computer made wallpaper.



Being a storm trooper is dirty business. Barry goes for the 2 person corner tub (wink wink).



Barry needs his Man Cave, perfect for chess playing, his preferred technique in honing his storm trooper skills. He's an accomplished lute player as well....

Stombecker yellow wire chairs and lamp.

Lundby bookcases and Oscar Mayer weenie whistle.

Barry's a big fan of the tv series, the Prisoner. He fancies himself as a Patrick McGoohan kinda guy...
Knight pencil sharpener. Computer made wallpaper.


The DDD had to convince Barry to install a kitchen. He likes take out too much but the DDD told him chicks really like nice kitchens. So he got a kitchen, just no dishes and pots and pans yet, but he does have a butcher block...

Lundby kitchen cabinets, table and chairs. Computer made wallpaper.
Barry's pass through.


Living Room

Obviously, Barry loves those old British tv series'. He'd love to go out with Diana Rigg, Mrs. Emma Peel from the Avengers....
Fisher Price coffee tables entertainment center, handmade fireplace and curtains. Swing chair modification.

The DDD convinced him he needed a dining room. Barry might change it out for a pool table when he gets his next storm trooper paycheck...

Revamped Concord vanity/bar and chairs, Fisher Price spiral stairs. Computer made wallpaper.


Petite Princess barrel chair.

 Well, Barry hopes you liked the tour of ABBA. And give him a call if you know any single dollhouse chicks! He likes clothes pin dollies in particular. Baby!


  1. WOW!!! You have been a busy girl haven't you Little Loosie? THIS IS FANTASTIC! I am astounded and astonished by your wonderful makeover. I can't even begin to list the things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about this house. I will have to peruse the pics several more times to properly digest the loveliness of it all. WELL DONE on another great job!!!

  2. Hello
    your glam style is sooooo interesting!
    Best Regards