Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Foray Into the World Of Quarter Scale: The Mini Arc Dollhouse, by 3StarStudioArts

I have admired "The Arc", a 3/4 scale, kinda abstract mid century feeling dollhouse from 3StarStudioArts, for a very long time, but found it hard to afford. So when I discovered they were offering pretty much a 1/4 scale version, The Mini Arc, I figured it was time to quench my want for an Arc and experience the thrill of 1:48 dollhouse building!

It arrived in a firm envelope, which fit in my mailbox, a big perk in shipping a dollhouse kit for sure. The Mini Arc itself had eight parts and came with some tiny furniture pieces. I immediately got to work, I mean fun!

The window in the upper left is to show the scale between the Mini Arc and a 1:12 scale dollhouse element.

Gluing the wee puppy together was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. The parts didn't fit together as well as I would've liked. There were gaps at the seams and tab slots, no matter how hard I tried.  My original "vision" for a sparse, mid century abode, was not possible with the open gaps I found myself with.

I realized I was going to have to trim it out a bit, and sliced the width down of some paper thin wood trim I had. I think the trim turned out OK and in fact gave it a bit more realism.

The "before and after" of a little bit of trim. Slicing the width down for the "base molding" was challenging!

Trimmed out.

The furniture that came with it was a little big, I thought, for my 1/4 scale MC world. I went ahead and assembled the bed, the coffee and dining tables and the little stools, which I used as side tables. I ordered some awesome 1/4 scale mid century furniture kits, but I didn't need much. I thought it was more important to suggest a home rather than outfit as a real house (I'm always that way!).

I ordered 3 set of chairs and used two sets to make a couch.

The dining chairs are from the Octagonal dining table and 4 chairs kit from sdk miniatures LLC, the lovely Brasilia credenza is from FaithIcus, the room divider and the Danish chairs are from Small Scale Living.


Ta Da!!!!

As you can see my Ultimate Frisbee Roman dude is happy to have some company! That place on the shelf always looked a bit needy for some MC action.

I'm glad I found the little brass pedestal, I think it helps with the Mini Arc's presentation.

Now where's that Mini Arc again???

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