Thursday, February 2, 2017

Handgemalt Cottage: Part 5, Finished and Very Happy, Mr. Groundhog - Real Good Toys, Children's Choice, 1 Country Lane CC1 Front Opening Kit




Oh my!

I've finished my third of four dollhouses from the RGT Children's Choice collection, the 1 Country Lane. Take a look, its definitely the "sister" of the RGT CC Tudor, just a change of the exterior trim package and the "bash" I did on it...

In any case, I'm very pleased with Handgemalt Cottage's results as I kept within a very sparse budget and only bought special "beams" from my favorite miniature trim provider,

Yes, fabric sides. I can't help myself!

The back, of course!

The stairs and the banister are removable.

 First floor. If you look very close you can see the wee nails for pictures and such.

Second floor. 

All the "wallpaper" throughout the home is fabric.



So the whole thing was designed for the vintage, German, Handgemalt furniture....

Well, before I can begin the fourth and last of the RGT, CC dollhouses, 333 Franklin St. dollhouse, the last of the four, I must do my taxes.

Boo hoo!



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