Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Handgemalt Cottage: Part 4, Hang Out Your Shingle and Get To the Top - Real Good Toys, Children's Choice, 1 Country Lane CC1 Front Opening Kit

Everything seems to be leading to the roof now...


Even the wee banister I've made with craft sticks:

I think I'm not going to glue the banister down. Just like the stairs, you can leave them out. Just hope you have a dolly piece of furniture that won't fall through!!!



I Hate Shingles!! 

Not really, but yes!!!

All the dyeing and drying before one can do a thing!! I feel like Lili Von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles, "I'm so tired!!". 

I usually end up with about two dye baths per roof to get the color I want. I use Rit Fabric Dye and salt. Three colors this time. Scarlet, Dark Brown, and a tiny bit of Black. And I never rinse the shingles. The final color? Its a crap shoot really.

The first dye with Rit Dye, Scarlet. The final dye with Dark Brown added and a little Black.




The Stuff Before the Roof Goes On

While all that dyeing and drying was going on I had to figure the angle and cut my beams for the attic ceiling. I am a glutton for punishment!! 

I made a template of the attic peak area by putting the dollhouse on its back and drawing its profile.  Then I cut my beams on the perpendicular to the angle for the top and where the beam meets the attic wall. I messed up a couple of times!!

Look! Half a roof on already!!


And finally.....


The First Rows Of Shingles!

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