Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Carl Larsson Experiment: Part 8, This and That and All Those Little Things - Real Good Toys 22 Town Hill Road CC2 Front Opening Kit

Well, it's coming to where I can see the end!

Now comes all the little finishing up things that you can't wait to finish. Not that shingling a dolly roof is a little thing. Especially after dyeing, salting, coffeeing, and bleaching all the little shingles in a hot sink bath. Yuk!


But first to finish a major piece, the railings. I can't remember how many little rails I punched out of the, I call it "splinter pack", that the kit has, and sanded each one. I waited to paint the railings until I had them glued up. One set for the top, one for the middle and a couple for the door.

I filled the groove in the top and bottom rails with wood filler, sanded and then painted.

The Roof and Shingles

Like I said above, the shingle dyeing was a journey all it's own. First the shingles were too dark, then too blue. I tried everything I could think of from my clothes dyeing days; salt (that just set the dye darker than I wanted), rinse, vinegar, rinse, strong strong coffee and it's grounds (soak soak soak, stir stir stir) rinse and finally some bleach and the final rinse. They sure did end up having a weathered look and now that they are on I very happy with them. My neighbor thought I was a nut however as she watched me. All I needed was a big wart on my nose and I'm sure I resembled a old wicked witch!

The back. Only a row and a half of shingles to go!

Altered Chimneys

I decided to make the roof part that was supposed to come off for access to the third floor, hinged instead. I just don't like major dollhouse pieces that come off only to possibly be misplaced or accidentally slammed onto dolly furniture! In the instructions the little block chimneys are used to hold the the removeable roof piece onto the home. So now that I won't be using them I have to have chimneys of some sort! Just the thing to try those cool rock stencils you see advertised.

My hubby cut me up some chimneys and I painted them a dark gray with some craft paint. I them peeled off the grout lines of the rock stencil and applied them.

I just had to get an idea what they would look like on the side of the home, especially since I just stained and polyied the sides for a more furniture look...

Gee! I hope I'm not gonna be sad I didn't leave the chimneys just like this!

I mixed some black craft paint with some drywall compound and had at it applying it with a paint mixing stick. I then removed the grout stencil, which was a bit tricky and messy, but I think they turned out ok.

Right: Drying. Love the variegation in tone.         Left: scraping the compound off the back after a thorough drying.

I'm still a quandary whether to touch up the color and how am I going to apply the chimneys to the sides????? Oh well. I'll figure out something!


Hopefully my next post will be the last, the finish, the reveal, of the Carl Larsson Experiment. We'll see!

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