Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Carl Larsson Experiment: Part 7, the Doorwall, Last Of the Inside - Real Good Toys 22 Town Hill Road CC2 Front Opening Kit

That big doorwall. Keeps the dust out but adds another wall, front and inside, to complete. This will be some of the last of the interior decorating. Finally!

I hope I have enough paper for the 1st floor. Had only three sheets for four walls. I've decided too not to trim out the inside doorwall with the wainscotting used on the other walls on the two floors. A lot of work and there is no side trim like on the RGT CC Tudor to take up the added thickness to have the door hinge and latch properly. Geesh! I guess it will be more like the old dollhouses of yore, where the inside walls are all tricked out but the doorwall interior is more meager by comparison. Still, there is a lot to plan out.

Planning and making the trim. Trim and door stained, polyied, finger rubbed with silver craft paint and polyied. Boy! Am I crazy!
I had to make some side edge strips out of 1/32" thick wood to cover the edges of the wallpaper and take up the space between the crown moldings and the 1" corner blocks' space when the door is closed.

Papered and initial trim applied. Made do with the leftover wallpaper. Insert above the door says,"Happy Little Home", in Swedish (I hope!).

When wallpapering both floors I applied the paper as a full sheet, and carefully sliced out the window openings. Was just faster than making a template.

After waiting for some trim I didn't end up using, I finally finished the 1st floor of the interior doorwall windows...

Inside looking out before the back is put on.

The upper floor papered and finished so the whole kitten kaboodle......

Even though no wainscotting, I think it looks pretty good. Now to the exterior railings. Getting close!

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  1. Fabulously neat and stylish job as ever, LL! Lots of forward planning is paying dividends. It's going to be a stunner.