Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh, Life Is Rich: Rich Toy That Is

My Rich Toy Tudor Deco-ed Out
I sorta got this dollhouse by mistake. I didn't intend on being the last bidder, "Someone outbid me already!" And it was the most $$ I ever spent on a dolly house (up until then, ha ha ha!) Lucky me I got it, as it is by far my favorite. The 3/4 scale bones of a home always ready for a redecorating whim! Circa 1946.

Here it is, before I made a few repairs. Mostly repositioning windows and gluing down flaking masonite floors....
and the inside....
 A little water damage, must have been a huge dolly rain deluge from the north!

Well, dolly had a urge for deco and decided to redo the whole place. Oh dolly!!
She decided on the Strombecker make of furniture offered by the 1940's and 50's. She's debating on the window treatments, she thinks she's such a designer and has an unlimited paper budget!

I painted the now bluish furniture of the living and bedroom. I know, I ruined their Strombecker value! But they were a hodgepodge of torn and broken pieces, so I think I did them more than justice. I like to think I started a "new" Strombecker line, the Schafer Blue!

The "Schafer Blue" living room line....

The Schafer Blue bedroom line....
Yep, that's an old refrigerator you see repurposed as a small dresser. And notice the brushed nickel furniture accents. Schafer Blue, tre moderne!!

 Take A Tour

The kitchen, that old world look....
The folk furniture is from Germany I think. Love the bench! And dig that British Lundby fireplace.

The bath, fit for a dolly queen....
The wallpaper is my own doing using a computer (again), and I covered it plastic laminate to give it a tile bit of look. That gold regency screen? Thank you Playmobil!!

The bedroom, shall we retire?
 Look what little pieces of silver paper will do. Just modernize those little pieces of furniture Jack! Make sure to use removeable doublestick tape so they can return to their old fashioned roots!

And finally, the living room...
Dolly is expecting a customized fireplace soon. She got the customized wallpaper from my computer for goodness sake! She's just like those rehabbers on HGTV! Custom, custom!


Well, now I just need to put the roof back on! Dolly didn't even notice. Imagine that!


  1. I love love love your Schafer Blue!! Is it a self-mix or a craft color? I too paint my older Strombecker to get the look I want. After all, it is ours and I'm too old to worry about kids will have to deal with that! Masonite houses are my favorite too! Cheers!

    1. Oh thank you Florine! "Schafer Blue" is a hand mixed color that has some metallic silver in it. I named it Schafer Blue for my husband (who is very encouraging of all my miniature adventures)!