Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make It - Custom Fireplace For Dolly

Sometimes things aren't good enough for dolly. She's special!!! Here I give my dolly the custom fireplace she's been wanting. Took about an hour. Gee! That's 90 minutes in 3/4 scale land or two hours in the 1/2 scale world! Ha ha ha! Almost like a half hour remodel show on tv! How do they do that???

Grand Fireplace Remodel


Make - It!

I started with this awesome little 3/4 scale Donna Lee fireplace, circa 1946....


I bought some cheap wood planks, thin thin dowels and 1/2" mirrors at the craft store.... 
 Using a gold pen I outlined the mirrors.

 I cut down a plank and the dowels for the size needed. They go on the back of the fireplace.
I stained them to match the wee fireplace.

   I glued the dowels to the sides of the plank...

and used removeable 2-sided tape to attach the mirrors to the plank 
(just in case I want to change them).

I taped one little mirror to the fireplace's mirror....
to give it a kind of deco look!
With removeable 2-sided tape I taped the two together.
I like to leave these vintage pieces unharmed, especially when they're in such good shape!
Hence the double sided tape.

I hope the dolly is happy now! Geeze dolly! You sure can be demanding!

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